Bad Motherboard? What Does a Computer Rebuild Cost In Phoenix

computer rebuild cost PhoenixOne of the worst things that can happen to your computer is a bad motherboard. The motherboard is like the engine in your car. If it goes bad your computer won’t work, just like your car won’t drive. We answer many of your bad motherboard questions below:

My motherboard may be bad, what is a cost effective computer repair option you offer people in Phoenix Arizona?

If your computer is no more than 5 years old and you live in the Phoenix AZ area, we  can rebuild your computer. What we usually have do is get a new case which is ATX type, as most brand name computers use special cases where just putting another motherboard in is not an option.

What does a computer rebuild in Phoenix include?

In most cases, a computer rebuild will include a new motherboard, new memory (if needed), new power supply (if the old power supply is bad). We then take the CPU from the old motherboard and put in the new one and most cases the hard drive and CD/DVD drive can be used in the new computer, however the operating system will need to be re-installed.

A computer rebuild is a big cost savings and the ability to get more time out of the existing parts is the big advantage of this type of computer repair, PC repair, plus your new motherboard and any new parts we install are covered by our 1 year computer parts warranty to help cover any future hardware computer repairs.

I can go to Best Buy and buy a new computer for $300, why should we instead consider a computer rebuild type of computer repair, PC Repair?

  • Low Quality Parts. The parts we put in any system re-build are of a better, higher quality. Parts in computers that cheap usually consist of a non-good quality motherboard, cheap power supplies that lack protections such overpowering, short circuit, etc.
  • Poor support network. The computer may be cheap, but you must consider that when something goes wrong, before any warranty service will be provided, you must call the manufacturers technical support which in most cases is overseas. These technical support telemarketers are required to follow scripts and even though there is definitely a problem, if according to their script it is not a covered issue, the warranty repair will be denied.
  • Loss of computer use. Even if they approve the warranty, the computer may have to be shipped out for 1-2 weeks. Can you afford not having computer repair promptly especially if you need your computer? Plus if any money has to be spent, you are putting more money into that computer just to get it fixed so it ends up costing more than the $300 price tag.

Computer Eze in Phoenix saves you time and money offering local service and a 1 year computer parts warranty!

At Computer eze in Phoenix Arizona, even if computer parts fail, we can get your computer back up and running again usually in 1-3 days compared to the 2 weeks it can take up to with the manufacturer. Best of all, we offer local tech support covering the Phoenix area, and not some overseas based agent who does not speak very good English.

A Computer rebuild in Phoenix is not always your best solution, but in many cases it will save you money in the long run.

If you think your motherboard is fried or you know it is, and you live in the Phoenix Arizona area, give Computer Eze of Phoenix a call. We will evaluate your computer, look at what parts you need and inspect the quality of your current working parts. If buying a new computer is more cost effective, we will tell you.

What if you need a new computer?

If it is determined that you will need a new computer, Computer eze of Phoenix can build you a custom computer using high quality parts or, if you choose to buy a new computer from one of the big stores we can help set the computer up for you and transfer your old data on to your new computer.

Contact our professional computer repair experts in Phoenix today and find out. We always offer a free diagnosis to Phoenix area computer owners.